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Quali tra i 5 sensi è per te più importante?
Il tatto, per palpare i culi delle cameriere del pub  (302 voti)
L'udito, perchè il giorno dopo qualcuno dovrà pur raccontarmi cosa ho fatto la sera prima  (78 voti)
La vista, perchè quando bevo mi vengono i superpoteri: vedo triplo!  (58 voti)
Il gusto, perchè una volta invece del frizzantino hanno tentato di incularmi dandomi dello champagne  (67 voti)
L'olfatto, perchè grazie a lui posso tenermi a distanza dal MAD  (488 voti)
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Re: Quali tra i 5 sensi è per te pi
Scritto da Anonimo Beone il 10 Maggio 2012, 21:11

it's 30 minutes to Tampa is meninag from their house to the Veterans parkway, which is a good 30 minutes from downtown.The area around Brandon is being plowed over to put up shitty tract homes. The real problem is that unless you work in the call centers at Progressive or Citigroup or in some of the retail estabilshments (Brandon mall) which are all minimum wage jobs, you will be driving through Tampa. Not to downtown, but more like through it to the westshore business district which is a good 45 minutes with traffic. The best area to live is the Westchase area which is ungodly expensive. This market will have to dive by at least 30% to correct to the mean value. Never mind we're just one hurricane away from becoming a present day New Orleans.Orlando, FL:Same problems as Tampa except with less professional work. Lots of work playing comics and costume wearer at Disney. Lots of work in restuarants making $14-15 an hour as a waitress dealing with asshole tourists all day. Plenty of land too - people are starting to build out in the swamps which certainly proved deadly during Hurricane Charley.The only nice areas of Orlando are around the airport and Winter Park and Lake Mary. Sanford is okay too if you avoid some certain areas. Dealing with the locals is one step away from a modern day "Hee-Haw". The newfound novelty in the Orlando market makes it the weakest one in the state. At least Miami does have tons of retirees, lots of people wanting to live there and real work with many international companies having south American headquarters located in the area.

Re: Quali tra i 5 sensi è per te pi
Scritto da Anonimo Beone il 28 Luglio 2012, 7:33

That picture is good enguoh for a portrait. Well done Mom. Our staff is horrible at taking pictures. She would love a new camera. Ours is older than ancient. And that happens to us all the time, the noms falling off the table. Why can't these humans figure out a way for us to have our noms. Like maybe in a bowl. Have a great Sunday.

Re: Quali tra i 5 sensi è per te pi
Scritto da Anonimo Beone il 28 Luglio 2012, 8:33

Whew what a topic. I am an artist with feet in both pcelas. In the past, I have done 3 demos, two for pay and one free. It is a huge time suck and not worth the tiny pay... I'm so done with that.Thanks to your blog and sound business mindedness, I have given up doing donations and demos (except at a venue that is a win-win, like the International encaustic conference, thank-you!)I get asked to donate my work to auctions, give high school art class tours of my studio. I've done both of those things but stopped. It is disruptive to my practice and not beneficial to me.I work a full time job as well as maintain an art practice. My time in my studio is precious and I pay for it.While open studios is not high on my list, I recently chose to open my doors (which I don't always do). My purpose for doing this is to show my work, invite local collectors, and to pay my studio rent and buy art materials. I had a successful Open Studios and for that, I'm grateful. Good turnout, two new collectors and some cash in the bank. But it was not easy and I hope some day to be in a better position to not need that type of income.I totally understand Nancy's position! However I am in 2 small galleries and am working to get out there more, and gain more venues. So my thought is that if you are discretionary about doing these types of things, and taking care of your art practice and yourself as an artist, sometimes it is ok. BUT NOT a requirement.My goals for this year are to "get myself and my work out there more" not via demos or open studios....Thank for the post!

Re: Quali tra i 5 sensi è per te pi
Scritto da Anonimo Beone il 30 Luglio 2012, 4:29

Thanks for the permission to contniue NOT doing Open Studios! I've never been able to articulate what it is that I find distasteful about it - something about invading my space, or being on display as an Artist, a separate species of worker. I do have workshops and books to sell, but largely not to the local public. My time is better spent sharing what I do on my blog and web site, on my own schedule, where I reach my real customers who support my work. Our local Open Studios is always on a long weekend, when I'd rather be taking a long weekend. For years I did craft shows as a potter, and working weekends was part of the job. But as a fine artist, I work five days a week with the occasional weekend workshop. That's enough weekend work for me! Thanks again for a great post! Looking forward to the Encaustics Conference.

Re: Quali tra i 5 sensi è per te pi
Scritto da Anonimo Beone il 7 Ottobre 2012, 23:42

Youre so cool! I dont supadpose Ive learn someadthing like this before. So nice to find someadone with some uniuqe thoughts on this subadject. realy thank you for beginadning this up. this webadsite is one thing that is wanted on the net, someadbody with a litadtle origadiadnaladity. helpadful job for bringading one thing new to the internet!

Re: Quali tra i 5 sensi è per te pi
Scritto da Anonimo Beone il 8 Ottobre 2012, 4:10

This piece has brought tears to my eyes bescaue it reminded me of my father. It's beautiful but yet simple just as life in a little town of France call Le Havre. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece in memory of my father.

Re: Quali tra i 5 sensi è per te pi
Scritto da Anonimo Beone il 8 Ottobre 2012, 9:47

Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet arictle. Lol thanks

Re: Quali tra i 5 sensi è per te più importante?
Scritto da Anonimo Beone il 8 Ottobre 2012, 10:48

Heck yeah this is exactly what I neeedd.

Re: Quali tra i 5 sensi è per te più importante?
Scritto da Anonimo Beone il 8 Ottobre 2012, 11:24

I rented a space in an open stiudo set up where the public was encouraged to stop in and see artists at work, and, hopefully purchase art. It was impossible to work there...the fishbowl is not conducive to creativity. But the worst part was the painfully ignorant comments from much of the public who wandered through and the encouragement (not very subtle) from the owners of the business, that we artists educate the public about art. I don't need to be an educator (and really am quite awful at it), I need to make art. Never again will I put myself in a situation like that. Thank you, Joanne, for your post. Now I don't feel quite so alone in my curmudgeonhood.

Re: Quali tra i 5 sensi è per te pi
Scritto da Anonimo Beone il 8 Ottobre 2012, 14:09

..sono io. Non voglio stiroe serie. Te lo dicono una volta che sei sola con loro e non puoi andartene. Ho taciuto, subito e mi sono perdonata Ma questa e9 violenza, come quando sei malata con la febbre e ti chiedono un lavoretto' invece di un semplice grazie per le medicine. Amici Davvero tali?Ma non si rendono conto del male che fanno?

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